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Your Liar Side

Updated: May 11, 2019

Do you consider half-truths a lie? If so, know that a part of you is an inveterate liar.

If you don’t like lies, you should know that your EGO is a liar, because it presumes to be you, although, in reality, it’s just a small part of you.

We may compare our level of self-knowledge to an iceberg. The visible part would be our conscious mind, which represents only 10% of the whole. The invisible part, which represents the remaining 90%, would be our unconscious mind.

According to Jung, the EGO is an agent that gives us our identity, a ‘reference’. Everything we are aware of, we relate it to the EGO... My parents, my career, my story and so on.

But, now that you know the immensity of the unconscious mind, the invisible, here’s the question, how can the Ego, which represents 10% of us, define the remaining 90%? It is as if we conducted a demographic census in China and thought that the world’s population was Asian.

The unconscious mind influences our life more than we can imagine. In how many difficult situations have we found ourselves and thought we couldn’t overcome them and, suddenly, an internal strength arises and we do overcome them? How many times do we do something unpleasant, even if we don’t want to?

Many times, we are able to do angelical acts of love as well as demonic acts of pure egotism, and both happen instinctively.

If our Ego distorts the reality so much, in regards to ourselves, imagine how distorted the opinions of others are.

The Ego has a chronic habit of associating itself and other people to an action, not considering the context which led that person to commit that act;

It’s as if you judged a whole movie solely based on its poster.

Let’s say, a dear friend hurt our feelings at a certain moment and our “hurt” ego starts to judge and condemn that friend, forgetting all the other times when that person demonstrated great friendship, and without taking into consideration what took this friend to act this way.

When we decide to know ourselves, we start to be the owners of ourselves, being able to educate the demoniac instincts and feed our divine self, not believing what our Ego says about us or others as absolute truth. Especially those self-destructive thoughts such as: I can’t, I have no value, I am not worth it, I am a loser and so forth.

Inside each person’s unconscious mind there is the divine signature of the creator, Who, being perfect, couldn’t create anything imperfect.

The objective of our life is the “RELIGARE”, to reconnect with our divine essence.

But, in the meantime, we are stuck in this vicious circle, feeling this existential emptiness due to this disconnection with our divine essence.

Angel with Amnesia... Remember your Essence!

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