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Will you let your beauty fade?

One of the certainties of being alive, is the fact that we will age. The smooth skin will wrinkle, the hair will go gray and no matter how hard you try to minimize the aging process with plastic surgeries and coloring your hair, you will never have the same appearance.

When I talk about beauty, I am not talking only about the aesthetic standards, because they change with the times and cultures. Some time ago, people with voluptuous bodies were more popular, because they represented abundance and prosperity. Then came the tone physiques, followed by today’s popular look, the thin, svelte frame.

But, if these standards change or come to an end, will the beauty fade, as well? It depends. If we analyze it from the material point of view, the answer is yes. The people who only cherish this type of beauty will suffer greatly for it, because it is perishable and impermanent. To live your life trying to fit into these beauty standards, ends up being a torment which can create panic, low self-esteem and depression.

But, there is another type of beauty that is immune to the social standards. One that shines even brighter when we age. It’s called inner beauty. This is the typical safe, long term investment, because the return on it is certain.

Who doesn’t know someone who does not fit the aesthetic standards of the moment, but yet, emits an enchanting beauty? It is important, now, to reflect on whether we have invested our time on Inner Beauty, because this kind of beauty is analogous to the aesthetic beauty. It requires special care and the results also demand continuing efforts, as they need time to show.

Angel with Amnesia is a project that promotes the inner beauty in a very efficient way. Here are two tips:

1. Value others and don’t miss the opportunity to express this appreciation;
2. Search for the beauty in things. Everything is beautiful for those who cultivate inner beauty.

If you practice these two things every day, you won’t have to worry, because your beauty will never be gone.

Angel with Amnesia... Remember your essence!!!

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