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Logical Error or Misinterpretation?

When we observe a magnificent architectural piece or a beautiful painting, we imagine that the creator of the piece is very talented, but what do we think of the creator of the universe and nature with all its perfection? I’ve always had trouble accepting my atheist friends’ theory that the formation of the universe was a random event, because a random event cannot create or be held by any laws. Following this logic, let’s do a little experiment.

If you get 10 identical coins, number them 1 to 10, and then put them in your pocket, the chance of you pulling coin number 1 out is 1 out of 10. This is easy, but if you keep replacing the coin in your pocket and try to pull the numbered coins out in order, then things get more complicated. Trying to pull coin number 2 out of your pocket next after having pulled coin number 1 and replacing it would only work 1 out of 100 times. Pulling out coins in a sequence of 1, 2, 3 after replacing each coin is possible only 1 out of 1000 times. If you continue doing this for each coin from 1 to 10, the probability becomes one out of 10 billion.

When we look at nature repeating itself every day for billions of years, with all of the same phenomena being regulated by laws, it becomes much harder to believe in random chance. This is why I believe in a “Supreme Creator.” Not one with human characteristics, but instead something far beyond our comprehension. When I say “him,” referring to the “Supreme Creator,” it is because it is easier to understand and because of the limitations of our descriptions.

But if the “Supreme Creator” that we refer to as God is Perfect, why would ”He” create something imperfect? More specifically, why are human beings imperfect if we are his creations? Did God make a mistake? It can be hard to accept that he was mistaken, because God is beyond past and future.

The Bible mentions that we were created in God’s image (Genesis 1:26), but our ego has taken this and helped form our humanistic view of God. This is why we still view God as a human that punishes and rewards each and every one of us when actually God loves all equally and has a place in all of us, our Divine Essence.

The manifestation of God in everything is the basis of our concept of evolution, where God’s essence in each of us, acts as an irresistible magnet attracting everything to its perfect harmony; this process naturally leads to our limiting and temporary forms being destroyed and renewed until they are no longer necessary.

We are all essentially Divine Beings that are living temporarily in material bodies, and all of the experiences in our lives are chapters of re-learning who we really are in our essence.

For this reason, never give up! The purpose of life is not to accumulate things, but rather to let your inner light shine through!

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