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Judgment... By Pietro Ubaldi

"Each one judges with the elements he possesses. The more we are ignorant, the less we possess, and the fewer elements we possess, the more rapid and absolute our conclusions.

On the contrary, those who have more knowledge and, therefore, more elements to judge, do not arrive at simplistic, rapid and absolute conclusions. Therefore, the one closest to the truth is the one who judges slowly, without absolutism, but with depth.

Then whoever judges, casting his judgment upon others, ultimately judges himself, and with his judgment, reveals himself. Because he can judge only according to his type of thought and nature, his thinking and nature are discovered with his judgment.

The best way to get to know a person is to observe their judgments about others. When one falls into the illusion of supposing that, judging others, he is thus uncovering them and putting himself above them, in reality, he is only submitting to judgment, discovering himself and showing his own faults."

Book The Law of God - Pietro Ubaldi

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