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Why do we need to suffer if, in essence, we are divine?

Updated: May 1, 2019

Religions have agreed that we are God’s creation hence we are divine in essence. But why do we suffer so much?

Our Ego, to protect itself, creates social masks to adjust to different environments in searching for acceptance.

Why do we need to suffer if, in essence, we are divine?

We wear all sort of masks: Parents, son or daughter, husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, employee or employer etc…Each one of them has its own characteristics and roles but none of these masks truly represent who we are...

Due to social demands, is natural that our Ego uses this kind of mechanism to live accordingly in our demanding society but the problem is when we get lost in all these roles and demands and forgetting that our essence is beyond and far more powerful than our Ego and its mechanisms.

Every time we get attached to a mask and its roles suffer will come because of the impermanence of the environment we live in. Any moment of happiness based on social masks is temporary.

Today you might be the director of a big company but tomorrow you might lose your job and if you keep attached to the mask of the director will be a reason for suffering.

The same happens as parents, one day our children will become adults and will no longer need the parenting mask but if you are attached to the role you might be creating suffering and unnecessary conflicts.

In order to avoid suffering is important to always have as a reference that we are much more than any mask the society force us to wear, and the search for our true essence, is in reality, the real search for everlasting happiness.

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